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filmmaker & photographer

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Great to have you here! My name is Anja Mörk and I am a filmmaker. In my CV you’ll also find terms like ‚radio host’ or ‚political scientist’. This mix has made me the creative storyteller and creator that I am today. My passion for filmmaking is the common thread running through my life. Of ocurse I love my camera gear, but my eye for big moments and small details, my feeling for voices, music and sounds and my certain sense for moments that give you goose bumps are the tools, that make the difference. I’ll go the extra mile: I want to get to know you and I want to capture your vibe. We will tell not any, but your story! I’m excited to hear about your ideas. Just leave me a message!


  • When I watched our video for the first time, it almost brought tears to my eyes. It’s a
    great video - super emotional and super Fuerteventura. Anja and Chris did a really great job and I’m really very happy with the results.
    Laura Jímenez,
    Marketing Director, Bristol Sunset Beach Fuerteventura
  • Fanatic has been working with Anja Mörk for almost two years now. Anja is reliable, absolutely perfect in her work and always full of new ideas - whether film, picture or text. It's a lot of fun with her!
    Karin Gertenbach
    Head of international Marketing, Fanatic
  • With the camera in her hand, Anja Mörk turns into a killer. She’s killing it in the crucial moments in high speed and with her feeling for essentails awesome shots are guaranteed.
    Andi Merchant
    Founder of Merchant and Friends

Contact me

Let’s talk about your ideas. Just let me know, what you’re interested in and if there are already any fixed dates. I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you. Just send me a brief message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.